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How do I set myself up on DMR?

DMR equipment is mainly commercially sourced and of professional quality with most coming, as you might expect, from Motorola. Other manufacturers include Hytera, Vertex Standard and more recently, Kenwood. Chinese branded equipment is now coming on to the new market but currently, this lacks full functionality.

The vast majority of current users have purchased second-hand equipment on Ebay or through commercial contacts. Many commercial communications providers are upgrading their equipment portfolio to newer models and this has introduced a source of pro-quality radios into the used market, much of which is in excellent condition.
Common Motorola sets available on the used market are: - 

DP3400 - 32 channel non-display handheld. Very rugged and easy to use

DP3600 - 1,000 memories, keypad and LCD equipped handheld

DM3400 - mobile version of DP3400

DM3600 - mobile version of DP3600


The 4000 series radios are newer upgrades of the 3000 series with two important differences. 4000 series handheld models do not support external antenna adapters, which the 3000s do. However, the newer series can be used in master/slave mode, with the master providing the necessary time-lock for local TDMA use. The TDMA signal, enabling two timeslots within one frequency, would otherwise be provided by the repeater.  

Prices vary, but the most cost effective entry into the world of DMR, the DP3400, will cost you from around £125. Accessories such as batteries, chargers, speaker mics, aerials etc are available on the aftermarket quite easily and reasonably

It is fully recommended that only Motorola Repeaters and Motorola radio equipment is used on the DMR system as only Motorola DMR equipment is fully compatible with MotoTRBO DMR Systems. Other DMR will work but with some loss of features.

There is a large number of second hand ex-commercial radio equipment available on the various online auction website, as well as various accessories for them. Simply remember and purchase the one that will work on the systems in your area - the vast majority of DMR Systems are UHF. Below is a list of the various handportable Motorola radios as well as the mobile units, both older models and newer models. You will find a plentitude of the Motorola DP3400 online second hand for anything between £80 and £150 some with desk slot chargers and some without. Desk slot chargers are comparible price-wise with other radio manufacturers desk slot charger - expect to pay between £26 and £50 for a genuine Motorla charger

By clicking on the picture a radio you can view /download the PDF Spec Sheet on that particular radio.


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